The commission to restore and create Mosaics for  BELMOND came about when I mosaiced the roundabout in Peacehaven in 1999. Sadly there is only one Mosaic left on the roundabout, But I do have plans to make some new ones in the near future. Please read about it on my About Aimee page.

From the publicity that came after making the roundabout ,a steward that worked on the British Pullmans that lived in Peacehaven took the newspaper article to work and the project manager got in touch with me to visit the Train in Battersea London and assess the Mosaics on each of the Lavatories floors. They were in a terrible state with holes in them , and filthy borders where they hadn't been wiped dry when mopped by an ex cleaner .

This is how I started the Restoration work on each Mosaic.

After 18 years It is still an ongoing job, as little pieces of Mosaic come away every now and again. I have the contract each year to deep clean and polish the floors along with my colleague Alex Bennisson. The floors are currently looking better than they ever have, and I feel its my honour to keep Marjorie Knowles work looking beautiful and vibrant as the day she made them, she once quoted," Her mosaics would last longer than the train", so Im hoping the care we give them during the year will fulfil this prophecy.

My next commission is to design and create Mosaic floors for The Belmond Northern Belle train Based in CREWE .
I have already made one called CHATSWORTH, and HARLECH as you can see in the pictures below.
WARWICK  was installed on January 8th 2015 .
Every Mosaic will be themed on a statly home or Castle based in the North of England and named after each Carriage.
There is a link to BELMOND website if you are interested in finding out more about their day trips, I recommend them , Especially the Christmas Trips, The Lavatorys are the best feature of course ...well worth a visit to each one !

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    Ayesha James Jan 9, 2013

    Stunning work!