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Our company is located in Shunde Lunjiao,which is known as the woodworking machinery town in Southern China,and which is convenience in location and transportation.We are a comprehensive company integating production and sales in one.We are specialized in producing woodworking machinery.Over the years,with customers'support and workers'unremitting efforts,and with high-advanced technology and management,the company has established technical support and cooperation with several well-known domestic and foreign companies.We also establish long-term stable business relationship with those companies in Southeast Asia,the Middle East,Europe and other countries.

In order to provide better quality products and attentive service to customers,through the purchase of advanced production equipement,and introduction of international advanced technology,the company produces professional equipment for woodworking machinery.With complete production facilities,advanced processing technology,complete detection methods,continuously absorbing teh latest technology,we are always improving the quality of our products,and commit to provide customers with more qualified products and better service.

Our service tenet is"to provide customers with more qualified products and better service.

Our service tenet is " to survive on quality,todevelop on credibility ".Our goal of unremitting effort is to create"first-class culture,first-class quality,first-class enterprise".

   * Six-ranged canrpneter drilling machine    * Four-ranged canrpneter drilling machine    * Three-ranged corpenter drilling machine    * Two-ranged canrpneter drilling machine
     * Single-head hing driller     * Single-ended straight edge banding machine     * Semi-Auto straight edge bander     * Sliding table saw * Hinge boring machine   
Add:300 meters to east side of Lunjiao lnternational Woodworking Machinery Exhibition Hall,Lunjiao,Shunde,Foshan,Guangdong,China. / Tel:86-757-27889001 / 86-757 27885911
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